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Madagascar Vanilla

Madagascar Vanilla 5 ml

Essential Oil Blend

Familiar and nostalgic. Evocative and romantic. Prized since the time of the ancient Aztecs and often used in perfumes, vanilla is one of the most popular aromas in the world and one of the most expensive to produce. The vanilla planifolia plant is in the Orchid family, with yellow-white flowers that produce odourless pods or beans. After a labour-intensive harvesting process, the beans are ground into small pieces to preserve the natural vanilla aroma. A two-step extraction process captures the constituents from the beans to create the absolute. We combine this absolute with Fractionated Coconut Oil and the result is doTERRA Madagascar Vanilla. Use as a captivating personal fragrance, or add a few drops to a bath oil to enjoy a luxurious moment surrounded by the exquisite aroma of Madagascar Vanilla.